Project name Eco Industrial Parks in Central Europe
Objective Objective 3.3
Priority Natural and cultural resources
Aim The project idea starts from the Eco Industrial Park (EIP) as a concept to promote Industrial Symbiosis and Industrial Ecology paradigms in CE. The EIP is an industrial park where business stakeholders cooperate together and with the local community with the aim to reduce energy consumption, share resources in efficient way, achieve sustainable development. The Industrial Ecology paradigm dictates an integration among industrial and urban flows and a stronger and explicit involvement of social actors. The project focus on the industrial-urban symbiosis aiming to address both economic and socio-demographic challenge in the programme area.
The EIP dictates an integration among industrial flows (waste, residues, coproducts, thermal waste), urban flows (urban/agroforestry/agro-food wastes/residues) and social actors (entrepreneurs, employees, investors) performing quality in industrial/urban ecosystems.
The development of a transnational strategy, achieved with the involvement of stakeholders, policy-makers and SMEs, will provide a sustainable path to deliver an enhanced enabling environment for the low carbon policy design and implementation.
Results Increase the awareness of best practice and pilot actions already performed in CE industrial areas. Provide smart tools for planning and greening already existing industrial parks. The implementation of low carbon policy instruments will be increased by the involvement of the management authorities of the industrial areas and through the active involvement of all private and public stakeholders.
Duration 36 months
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