Project name ENVIRONVILLAGE - Development of models of advanced manufacturing systems using recycled materials in local municipalities and their pilot application in selected partner regions
Objective Objective 1.1
Priority Innovation and knowledge development
Aim The aim of the project is to enhance a platform for relevant stakeholders (regional or local selfgovernments, producers, consumers , civil associations) in the field of waste minimisation and recycling from different regions of Europe and together develop and install tailormade smart manufacturing solutions of reused material manufacture for pilot 2-3 regions with relevant economic, ecological and social development planning strategy of circular economy of Environvillage model that involved stakeholders setting the requirements for amount of waste to be reused, amount and the type of products to be produced, the number of workplaces to be generated by new production line and the positive effect on environment generated by the proposed solution.
Results The main project resukts will be:
Created innovation network on Environvillage model
Training on Environvillage model for project partners
Strategy development for pilot application of Enviro-village model
Action plan for application of Environvillage model
Application of min 2 pilot actions
Capitalisation of project results - final conference
Cost Eur 2.600.000,00
Duration 3 years maximum
Partners involved Slovakia - National Recycling Agency of Slovakia, Technical University in Zvolen, Municipality MUĽA
Czech Republic - European Development Agency
Poland - Clean Coal Technology Center ,CRMS agency
Hungary - LENERG in Hajdú Bihar County Government
Italy - LAMORO development agency
Germany - Comparative Research Network
Slovenia -Regional Development Agency Green Karst
Partners requested Project partnership is closed
Innovation Innovation is a development of models of advanced manufacturing systems using recycled materials in local municipalities and their pilot application in selected partner regions in cooperation with producers, consumers and local government reps. IT is the system of circular economy based in recycling of existing materials and energy saving in the local municipal environmental economy that we want to apply in the project.
Recycling of already used materials that usually create waste is a smart solution of innovations applied in production lines with the aim to save costs, material sources and energy and create green jobs for society at the same time. Efficiently funtioning mutual relationships between producers of „waste“ and producers of products made of reused materials must be liable and efficiently working in order to create a balanced cycle of communal environmental economics that creates conditions for closed cycle of local products production and consumption within one community. This closed cycle makes local community more selfsufficient that minimises dependancy on external sources. This is the way how any community can plan sustainable development of its community or municipality based on its own sources and creating green jobs in production of construction materials or agricultural production or waste management or energy sector. Based on availabiity of local sources and used materials the type of technology is chosen for recycling of existing waste and developing relevant semi-product production and final production for local end-users.
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