Project name Development of transnational innovative employment model for youths
Objective Objective 1.2
Priority Innovation and knowledge development
Aim Mitigating the problem of youth employment requires the implementation of a complex and innovative approach with combination of innovative measures providing not only the opportunity to start working but also to attract the attention and interest of the young people as well as change an youth daily routine of state of apathy to active state and empathy.
Challenging the youth unemployment by innovative approach providing possibilities to a quality job suited to education, skills and experience through a traineeship. The expected project results are from situation analysis, trough know-how and good practice transferee to implementing community-based approaches. The changes of attitudes modification of both the target group and employers by providing community-based alternative motivation will bring changes to the current situation.
The expected outputs are establishing community-based approaches involving non-traditional employers by transferring know-how and good practice on youth employment initiatives, with partially contribution to the reduction of social and economic disparities in Europe by providing sustainable and quality youth employment in respect to individual needs of the target group.
The direct target group of the project is young people up to 29, which are long-term unemployed; discouraged who have stopped looking for work and etc
The added value of transnational cooperation would be to profit from the design and management of successful community-building initiatives conducted elsewhere, i.e. shorten the experimental phase by implementing the innovative approach, efforts and methods to challenge and establishing a cross-border cooperation.
The sustainability of the project results will be ensured by the practical implementation of the developed innovative work model, through resource efficiency achieve where human resource will generate not only more results but also socially useful ones.
Results The overall project objectives is to implement an innovative working approach and transnational know-how for employment of young people. In order to achieve these overall objectives the following sub objectives shall be pursued:
- Transnational Cooperation: Build a stronger transnational partnership between non-traditional employers as NGOs and SMEs; Networking among entities towards youth unemployment problems, solutions and innovative personal approach. Scale up practical implemented initiatives;
- Outreach regional strategy including, but not limited to the following chapters: Conducting an analysis and research to identify the youth unemployment issues and the reasons for its sustainability; Describing the community-based approaches involving non-traditional employers; Know-how and good practice on youth employment initiatives used in partner countries; Introducing efficient, innovative and flexible solutions on selection, preparation, training and employment of youths;
- Innovation and competitiveness: Promote developed innovative methods challenging youth unemployment; Boost developed innovation method, exchange of experiences and shared know-how with target group and employers; Dissemination of project results.
Maximizing the value of the different experiences of each partner will provide a different view of youth unemployment problems and will lead to practical oriented possibilities to handle the challenge.
Expected project results could be:
1. Analysis and research conducted
1.1 Analysis and research conducted
1.2 Identified sector opportunities, sector barriers, best practices, priorities and solutions to overtake the barriers acting on youth unemployment
1.3 Partner visit to Bulgaria
1.4 Identified know-how and good practice
2. Development and implementation of transnational innovative community-based employment model for youths
2.1 Development of efficient, innovative, flexible solutions on selection, preparation, training and employment of youths using informal, non-formal and formal learning arenas based on identified and transferred know-how
2.2 Partner visit
2.3 Implementation of transnational innovative employment model for youths
3. Practical implementation of developed transnational innovative employment model for youths
3.1 Development of web base working platform
3.2 Practical implementation of developed transnational innovative employment model for youths
3.3 Identification of regional groups – assessment, finding, training, re-assessment
3.4 Partner site visit to Bulgaria
3.5 Specialized trainings related to the professional profiles of candidates
3.6 Project partner's practical approach visit
4. Development of outreach strategy for innovative practices for sustainable youth market opportunities using transnational approach
5. Dissemination of project results, publicity and sharing the experience gain.
Cost Will be estimated depending the number of the project partners involved.
Duration Will be estimated depending the number of the project partners involved.
Partners involved
Partners requested SMEs, NGO and other entities and institution facing youth unemployment challenges.
Innovation The innovation approach are based on transnational cooperation providing a practical experiences and expertise exchange in which partners participants. The partnership obtains added value not only because it brings together different entities from different countries, but also because its target groups made up of persons of different ages and origin with their expert backgrounds and problem solving approaches. That kind of cooperation are situate at the core of the project itself.
The project results are dedicated directly to target group by implementing know-how and developing an innovative employment model for youths, which will be not only theoretically but also practically implemented. By such personal example and active and adequate public awareness of project results more entities are expected to implement in practice introduced transnational innovative approach. The increase public awareness will allow direct influence of traditional and non-traditional employers on the sustainable youth employment, which will provide a transferability of project outputs and outcomes. All representatives of the target group and project partners will participate and will be involved in the implementation of project phases, thus establishing lasting partnerships and transnational expert cooperation for the realization of future initiatives and joint actions. In that respect, that alone provides a multiplication project effect by achieving higher added value. The results of the innovative model will be integrate into the internal company management system of the Lead partner, which will strengthen, enhance and guarantee the sustainability and lasting effect beyond project duration. The increase of professional knowledge, skills and capacity of the target groups gained as a result of project participation will also contribute to the sustainability and transferability of the project.
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