Project name Development of social responsible entrepreneurship in post-transition countries
Objective Objective 1.2
Priority Innovation and knowledge development
Aim Currently, the post-transition countries have lower rates of entrepreneurship than are observed in the majority of developed market economies (Institute of Labor Market 2015). Step by step, they improve their situation, but still it’s needed significant modification or change in approach how to do business there, especially in SME sector. Small and medium-sized enterprises are the potential powerhouse of European economic growth. Smaller businesses have the ability to act fast and respond to market opportunities as they arise. The European Commission recognizes the importance of SMEs. It understands that Europe’s capacity to build on SMEs’ growth and innovation potential will be decisive for the future prosperity of the European Union.
Many SME’s operating in Easter and Central Europe is confronted with specific economic and social structural problem. There are still many misunderstandings, stereotypes and prejudices concerning entrepreneurship in this countries (e.g. "entrepreneurship it is a way to make money at the expense of others" or “you have to cheat to be reach”).
The aim of the project is to improve entrepreneurship productivity and ethics in the transition countries through the development of common recommendations and sharing experiences; creating right policy for growth; accessing internal and external markets based on fair competition; fostering innovative entrepreneurship society and exchange of good practices.
Results 1. The innovative educational program of entrepreneurship in post-transition countries
2. Establishment of a new methodology for teaching entrepreneurship in post-transition countries, focusing on its ethical dimension
3. Enhanced entrepreneurship in post-transition countries concerning the ethical way of doing business, eliminating prejudices and stereotypes
4. Increasing skills and knowledge and creating new attitudes towards entrepreneurship in societies
Cost Approx.. 1,5 mln Euro
Duration 36 months
Partners involved Profesja CAZ Sp. z o.o.
Greater Poland School of Entrepreneurship
Partners requested We invite to cooperation all institutions involved in developing the concept of entrepreneurship in society and its implementation in practice, e.g. local authorities, business incubators, universities, research institutes.
We are looking mainly for partners from Easter and Central Europe, but also partners from other parts of Europe are needed to exchange experiences concerning entrepreneurship in Europe.
Innovation Reference to the historical basis of entrepreneurship in post-transition countries and creating new innovative program of social responsible entrepreneurship in this countries.
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