Project name CyclONE - Discovering and promoting natural heritage through integrated innovative tool
Objective Objective 3.1
Priority Natural and cultural resources
Aim The proposal is rooted in a brainstorming with several European regions addressing the challenge that many regions struggles with the lack of a comprehensive platform covering the whole area of their regions displaying cycle routes and providing related background information. Separated information sites are available but there is no coordination or joint management behind those. The project aims to create a newly developed innovative web-based platform amended by a mobile application to have a comprehensive all-in-one tool to support bikers, citizens and contributing to the wide-range recognition of regions' natural and cultural values while supporting the application of sustainable economic and social utilization of natural and cultural assets.
Results Addressing this really urging need in partner regions, partners intend to develop easily transferable and widely applicable regional platforms offering the requested visual and content information for the citizens. This platform is planned to be supplemented with a mobile application as well so a new integrated innovative solution will be provided in order to strengthen green mobility contributing to the improvement of economic, cultural, natural and social challenges.

Cycle routes running as separate paths as well as those selected to be used for cycling will be managed as a whole by the platform.

Interesting thematic offers will be provided according to age (senior, adult, children), tour types (single centre tours, round tours, etc.) or tours focusing on natural and cultural heritage sites including landscapes, natural heritage sites, gastronomy, folk or music events, traditional processes, handcraft products, etc.
Different rides will be recommended for sportsmen, mountain bikers, school groups, families, etc. depending on transnational needs identified by partner regions.

The platform/application will include the whole range of sites showing the availability of drinking water, accommodation, restaurants, bike repair shops and services, natural and cultural tourism attractions while detailed information and guidance will also be given for visitors.

The platform/application is planned to be upscaled with a so-called “transport” option providing updated information about transfer points to public transportation – if bikers plan to mix travel options, the whole range of available public transport opportunities of a selected area will be displayed.
Cost Estimated cost (depending on the volume of the partnership) is 2,000,000 EUR.
Duration 36 months
Partners involved Most partners already involved are regional actors from Hungary, Germany, Croatia, Slovenia, Poland, Czech Republic, Italy, Slovakia, Austria
Partners requested Partnership fully completed.
Innovation The tool to be developed is a new integrated innovative solution to be applied by partner regions (contributing to the implementation of their RIS3 as well).
Follow up of Not relevant.
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