Project name Creative-innovation hub
Objective Objective 1.1
Priority Innovation and knowledge development
Aim The aim is to develop transnational linkages between cultural and creative industries (CCI), civil society, innovation centres and industry (especially SMEs) that will boost innovation and open new perspective. The involvement of CCI and civil society in the innovation process combines creative inputs, such as ideas for new products, supplementary products and services or marketing support for product innovations. They are a great source of user experience. They are also an important user of new technology and demand innovations from technology producers, particularly information and communication technologies. As written in a Discussion Paper No. 08-109 The Role of Creative Industries in Industrial Innovation ˝We distinguish three such roles: First, Creative Industries are a major source of innovative ideas and thus contribute to an economy’s innovative potential and the generation of new products and services. Secondly, they offer services which may be inputs to innovative activities of other enterprises and organisations within and outside the creative industries. Thirdly, Creative Industries are intensive users of technology and often demand adaptations and new developments of technology, providing innovation impulses to technology producers.˝
Trough transnational approach we will establish quadruple helix stakeholder engagement that will facilitate innovation process in SMEs within regional Creative-innovation hubs. We will develop a Road map for local and Central Europe area resulting in transnational Pilot actions for SMEs innovation capacity building and defining activities for long-term sustainability of Creative-innovation hubs. And at the end of the project we will present a Strategy based on best practices to strengthen quadruple helix stakeholder engagement in innovation process with key point or directions for regional and transnational policy makers.
Results Creation of regional Creative-innovation hubs
- Development of new services to support innovation processes for SMEs and CCI. New approaches for innovation actors within the Creative-innovation hubs.
- SME engagement and CCI promotion. Awareness and knowledge transfer. Regional trainings of possible tools, new business models, best practice development… (design thinking, user experience, open innovation, open labs …) for collaboration within innovation process. Improving skill and competencies.
- Transnational and/or cross-border and/or national networking and matchmaking events. Mapping of potential linkages between CCI, civil society and industry.

- Trough voucher system supporting best collaboration projects that are aligned with regional RIS3
- Defining mentoring scheme with innovation actor as well as external experts for selected projects to ensure successful conclusion.
- Preparation of possible investments and other funds for selected projects trough
Cost 3 million €
Duration 36 months
Partners involved Slovenia
Partners requested Creative industries
Local or regional authorities
Centres of knowledge
Business support organizations
Innovation New innovation business model for SMEs and development of innovation encouraging support environment
Follow up of
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