Project name Climbing village (location)
Objective Objective 3.1
Priority Natural and cultural resources
Aim To prepare the concept of climbing village and pilot the concept on selected locations in partner countries of Central Europe.

- Inspiration is the project Mountaineer´s village http://www.bergsteigerdoerfer.at/
- There are not only high mountains like Alps, where people climb and do other climbing / mountaineering activities. There are also lower mountains and also areas with rock formations which are visited by climbers, skiers … This is relevant especially for countries out of Alpine range.
- These locations have specific tradition, history, culture, environment which must be treated, preserve, but also developed.
- The inspiring project is designed for the Alps. We want to have similar design suitable also for non Alpine climbing locations.
Results 6 locations piloted the concept
Methodologies “how to” to be used for follow up projects
Bases of network to be spread out
Cost up to max limit of the call
Duration 3 years
Partners involved Mountaineering federations a municipalities of 5 other CE countries
Partners requested 6 piloted locations
methodologies "how to "
bases for the network which will be spread out
Innovation There are no similar concepts in CE
Follow up of spreading the concept across the partner countries and possibly to other CE countries.
Follow up fundings