Project name Circular Economy Implementation upon Progressing from Low-carbon Energy Production to Bio-based Industrial Symbiosis in Central Europe – CE4CE
Objective Objective 2.2
Priority Low carbon cities and regions
Aim Biomass represents a turnkey domestic resource to supplement the EU demand for sustainable low-carbon energy and chemical building blocks; nonetheless, harvesting, logistics, as well as a low innovation potential in some newer EU states, predominantly limit its current use to burning for thermal energy provision. The project aims at analysing, evaluating and optimizing the past, current and planned national techno-economic, market-driven and policy-related valorisation aspects of biomass value chains. This outlined implicitly integrates the resource cascading principle in order to increase the (resource) efficiency in Europe. CE4CE will tackle the most vital aspects of accelerating the transition to circular business models, and therefore, it will be focused on key thematic areas of the circular economy approaching, foremost reforming the existing legislative framework and future EC measures.
Results The main project deliverables will be: transnational technology maps, policy, cooperation and symbiosis implementation plans, as well as the raw resource, process technology and market evolution road-mapping beyond the proposed project duration, that is, in addition to considering the Life Cycle Assessment, SWOT and Risk analyses for various strategies’ development, implementation and evaluation. This will be attempted to evaluate the resource valorisation strategies trans-regionally, pinpointing the existing primary obstacles in terms of incentives, policies and legislation, as well as promoting possible mitigating measures to the (associated) partners, industry and other helixes’ stakeholders, the latter representing, for example, the decisive executive agencies, initiatives and cluster-like strategic partnerships, especially aligning the Smart Specialisation platforms trans-regionally, where at all possible.
Cost Current estimated expenses are EUR 2.5 mio
Duration 48 months
Partners involved Styrian Chamber of Commerce, Maribor, Slovenia
National Institute of Chemistry, Ljubljana, Slovenia
Partners requested Various partner entities are sought:
- sectoral clusters associations or their national analogues, representing (bio)energy, bio-based, biomass-harvesting, biomass-processing, paper (& pulp), polymer/plastics/rubber, etc. industry actors
- SMEs and large industrial partners with demonstrable in-house circular, symbiotic and/or bio-based strategies, development and investments
- local/regional/national public authorities, being actively involved in policy making process.
Innovation The goal of CE4CE approach is to demonstrate, through a Central Europe-wide symbiosis acceptance, that biomass (and its originating bioenergy) can be efficiently valorised, accepted and integrated in conventional industrial processes. The project will increase the access to the pertinent sectoral knowledge of the different local legislators, administrators and other related stakeholders. With several pilot cases involved, it will practically demonstrate the potential, paving the way for further symbiosis implementation in the Central Europe.
Follow up of Dr. Barbara Tisler, head of Project management office
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