Project name CREAM (advance in the use of CREatine as a Medicinal drug)
Objective Objective 1.1
Priority Innovation and knowledge development
Aim Creatine is one of the most widely used dietary supplements. It is very often used by athletes to increase the energy content of their muscles and to improve their performance. Besides this well-established use, it has been suggested that it may be useful for several pathological conditions. Especially, it has been suggested that creatine may be helpful in the following conditions:
1) Statin-induced myopathy (Shewmon DA, Craig JM. Creatine supplementation prevents statin-induced muscle toxicity. Ann Intern Med. 2010 Nov 16;153 10):690-2)
2) Adolescent female depression (Kondo, D.G., Forrest, L.N., Shi, X. et al. Amino Acids (2016) 48: 1941)
3) Prevention of ischemic stroke in high-risk patients (Balestrino M, Sarocchi M, Adriano E, Spallarossa P. Potential of creatine or phosphocreatine supplementation in cerebrovascular disease and in ischemic heart disease. Amino Acids. 2016 Aug;48(8):1955-67.)
However, these research results are still little known and rtanslated into practice. This project aims at pooling innovative SMEs, academic clinical researchers and patients' associations to provide further knowledge about use of creatine in these conditions and to translate this knowledge into clinical therapy.
Results The project calls for innovative SMEs to provide cultural background and creatine-based products (tablets, etc,). Academic clinical researchers active in the study and/or treatment of statin-induced myopathy, adolescent depression or prevention os ischemic stroke will design and implement clinical trials to further investigate the effects of creatine in these conditions. Patients' associations will provide counselling and opportunities for dissemination of the scientific results.
Cost To be determined
Duration To be determined
Partners involved Nova Neuro Srl, an academic spin-off that creates and produces creatine supplements suitable for use as medicinal drugs.
Partners requested SMEs active in the production and marketing of creatine-based supplements
University clinical researchers active in the study and/or treatment of statin-induced myopathy, adolescent depression, stroke prevention
Association of patients in the following fields: diabetes, metabolic syndrome, artheriosclerosis, depression, stroke
Innovation To advance and disseminate knowledge and use of creatine as a medicinal drug.
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