Project name CHER - Creative Heritage
Objective Objective 3.2
Priority Natural and cultural resources
Aim Main aim of the project is to improve capacities of the public and private sector for the sustainable use of cultural heritage by connecting traditional architectural heritage and cultural and creative industries

Specific objectives of the project are:
1. Revitalisation of neglected architectural heritage by using visual arts (photography) in Lonjsko polje nature park and other partner areas
2. Raising awareness of public and private sector about new methods in preservation of traditional architectural heritage (using CCI sector in traditional heritage preservation)

Results o Integrated development study of CCI for Lonjsko polje nature park area (and other PP area if needed, or similar) created – it includes historical study, conservation grounds etc.
o Action plan for development of CCI entrepreneurship in project area created
o Capacities of public and private sector for CCI development strengthened – educations for public sector (public institutions, municipalities, NGOs etc.) – educations about possibilities of CCI utilisation for promotion of cultural heritage, region development and capacities building; educations for young people and entrepreneurs – increase of their skills for CCI sector engagement and photography workshops as an example of one of CCI activities
o CCI on project area promoted – development of pilot actions in order to promote usage of architectural cultural heritage through CCI industry (visual arts and architecture) – setting up of a photo exhibition in open space in entire project area which also includes creation of area interactive charts, mobile apps. Digital technology will be used to promote cultural heritage via QR code that will tell the story about the exposed photo
Cost Estimated cost is around 1,5 million euros (200.000,00 euros per partner)
Duration 24 months (1/2019 - 12/2020)
Partners involved Lead partner - Public Institution Lonjsko Polje Nature Park. Project partners from Croatia also include Jasenovac Municipality and Croatian Ministry of culture. Project also includes Croatian Photo Alliance as an Associated partner.
Partners requested Partners that are dealing with neglected tangible cultural heritage and don't have enough experience in CCI (public institutions, NGOs, other bodies under public law etc.) are needed.
We are also looking for partners that have experience in cross-sector cooperation of CCI.
Innovation This project deals with problems of neglected tangible heritage in form of traditional architecture in an innovative way linking it with visual arts. It is focused on redevelopment of traditional architecture in a sustainable way, by connecting it to a photography. One of the activities includes setting up of an open space photo gallery where billboards will be placed containing photos showing traditional architecture. Photos will be supplemented with mobile apps (accessed via QR code) which will provide additional information.
Follow up of Not applicable.
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