Project name CENTRALPARKS – Networking of Protected Areas of the Carpathians as a motor for sustainable local development of mountain regions in Central Europe
Objective Objective 3.1
Priority Natural and cultural resources
Aim Strengthening transnational cooperation and implementing an integrated environmental strategy for the protection and sustainable use of the natural resources of the mountain protected areas in the Carpathians, in order to foster local development in mountain regions of Central Europe.
While making the Carpathian Network of Protected Areas (CNPA) operational and further implementing the Carpathian Convention and its Protocols, the project will foster the role of protected areas as economic drivers in the region.
The project will also support the establishment of CNPA thematic Working Groups, tasked with the development/implementation of joint transboundary action plans/strategies etc.
- Carpathian Network of Protected Areas operational (work plan developed, thematic Working Groups established)
- Development of common pilot projects (e.g. trans-boundary biodiversity conservation related activities)
- Establishment/development of Local Action Groups (related to CAP) fostered
- Strategies for use of EU rural development funds developed including programming for use of EU funds - CAP Pillar 2
- Capacity enhanced to promote the natural resources of the Carpathian protected areas for sustainable local development in rural areas
- Strategy for promoting the Carpathian protected areas with a common corporate identity (publications, maps, exhibitions, brochures) Established cooperation and exchange with the Alpine Network of Protected Areas (ALPARC), DANUBEPARKS and Dinaric Parks.
- Implementation of binding and strategic documents of the Carpathian Convention
Cost Euro 3.000.000
Duration Three years
Partners involved Partners:
- Eurac research
- Piatra Craiului National Park Administration/ANPAA (CNPA Unit)
- High Tatra’s National Park
- UNEP GIRD/Warsaw / Ekopsychologia Society
- Nature Conservation Agency of Slovakia (SNC SR)
- Nature Conservation Agency of the Czech Republic

- National Parks
- S4C
- Ministries of the Environment/Agriculture of the Carpathian Countries
Partners requested
Innovation To establish the Protected Areas as drives of economic development in the region
Follow up of Carpathian Project I - INTERREG IIIB – CADSES project, Lead Partner - The project aimed at ensuring a continuous exchange and inter-linkage between the work and activities under the Carpathian Convention and the work and activities contained in the Carpathian Project. http:// www.carpathianproject.eu
BIOREGIO Carpathians, EU SEE Transnational Cooperation Programme - The project aimed at enhancing the integrated management, sustainable use and development of the Carpathians protected areas and natural assets (including Natura 2000 sites) in a transnational context and thereby increase the attractiveness of the region, to improve its connectivity and continuity. http://www.bioregio-carpathians.eu
Follow up fundings