Project name MONUMENTS-4-CCI: Driving CCI-innovation and CCI market expansion through architectural cultural heritage
Objective Objective 3.2
Priority Natural and cultural resources
Aim EU pursues the political goal of a "creative Europe" as a main driver of economic growth and employment in the regions, at the same time the valorizing of the common cultural heritage. Both can be combined with high mutual effects.
The cultural and creative industry (CCI) is one of the fastest growing sectors. It permeates all spheres of life, revolutionizing the reception and dissemination of knowledge, facilitating orientation and participation in the modern information society.
The project opens and accelerates the market expansion of CCI into the architectural heritage, stimulates innovations, promotes the CCI entrepreneurship and increases the productivity and competitiveness of CCI.
The architectural cultural heritage in Central Europe’s regions needs new impulses for integration into modern society. Old concepts with old instruments to present the architectural heritage no longer reach the markets and target groups, especially the younger generation. Innovation of the CCI opens a new quality of monument experiences, market reflection and monument economy.
The project delivers new innovation oriented policy and management strategies on different levels, as well as new capacities in the transnational cooperation, especially for the selected CCI sectors
• digitalizing, multimedia and new media arts
• performing and visual arts
• architectural and design innovations.
It will be exercised with the extraordinary cultural heritage fortification architecture, which is usually difficult to recognize and to understand.
Results The transnational cooperation focuses on:
• a strategy for practical implementation and market expansion of CCI innovations into the architectural heritage, to lead policy, regions and cities to use the CCI potentials,
• several pilot actions should design concrete implementation concepts for CCI innovation into local monuments, especially in the CCI sectors digital/new media arts, performing and visual arts as well as modeling of an experience world of sense.
• a pilot investment in an architectural monument founds a creative lab as CCI incubator.
Special tools should elaborate to give concrete guidelines for CCI-implementations in the special local monument situation. This is connected with some trainings and learning forums to involve stakeholder.
The transnational cooperation should made durable with CCI-instruments like communication instruments and installation of a strategic network of CCI and monuments, including public and private stakeholders.
Duration 30-36 months
Partners involved The project initialised from ECCOFORT reg. ass., the European Cooperation Centre of Fortified Heritage in Berlin, which is profiled in the field of the fortified monuments, of their capitalising, touristic valorisation and monument marketing, these under using of different CCI applications.
From the branches of CCI some institutions support the project idea. They are profiled in digitalising, new media art, performing arts, architecture and design. On the other hand there are some cities and regions with significantly architectural heritage in Central Europe are interested to be partners and locations for concrete pilot projects or pilot investments, like Kronach, Königstein and Ulm (DE), Eger (HU), also in Poland, Croatia and Italy. They intent to learn the management processes for implementation of CCI innovations.
Partners requested Highly experienced Project partners and associated institutions requested from selected CCI sectors, especially with offers and inputs for
• digitalizing, multimedia and new media arts to support the successful monument market placement
• performing and visual arts as driver for attractive cultural life in monuments
• architectural and design innovations for artistic visibility of monuments.

Further we are open for regional and national organisations which specialised to the promotion of CCI innovations and their market implementation.
Innovation The architectural cultural heritage in the field of fortified monuments is a great challenge for the CCI, because of the complicated construction, functional principles, hidden location and often invisibility. It forces new innovative developments and application solutions. It will be developed a solution for integration of augmented reality with navigation, a virtual interconnection of decentralized fortification system components.
Furthermore, the project creates as pilot actions different cooperation forms between CCI stakeholders, monuments and public authorities in the preparation and realization of CCI applications in the fields of digitalizing and new media arts, performing and visual arts, architecture and design. In the result a management strategy for implementation and market expansion of CCI-innovations into the fortified heritage will be generated.
This is linked to the enlargement of the market on an European scale as well as new instruments for transnational networking.
Follow up of The project idea based on several previous projects to the cultural heritage and the cultural creative sectors, for example
CreativeCH – Creative Cooperation in Cultural Heritage (EU research program)
VISIT - Virtual interconnection systems and information technologies for the tourism development of cultural heritage (INTERREG A program DE-AT)
FORTE CULTURA – Capitalising of fortified cultural heritage for sustainable development and competitiveness of cities and regions (INTERREG IVB)

These projects describe principles and general conditions for the development of the CCI on the one hand, and of the architectonic heritage on the other hand.
The project MONUMENTS-4-CCI is a synthesis and achieves a new quality of the direct connection of CCI in the field of monuments. New mutual feedback effects are generated and for the first time sustainable transnational cooperation structures will be created.
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