Objective Objective 3.1
Priority Natural and cultural resources
Aim Climate change is supposed to affect the central Europe considerably. Due to the effect of climate change central Europe has to deal with increasing extreme weather events such as droughts, floods, heat waves, storms, etc. The objective of the project is to bring strategy and practical examples for ensuring and maintaining climate change resilient ecosystems in rural areas. The aim is to improve integrated environmental management capacities of a rural landscape through applying the ecosystem –based approach for restoration of natural heritage: the recovery of soil, water, land and climate, including the biodiversity conservation and soil fertility restoration in agriculture land. The aim si to emphasizes importance of natural heritage for enhancing societal resilience and for ensuring self-sufficiency of areas. The challenge of this project is to connect climate awareness raising activities and best ecosystem-based practices addressing adaptation needs at local level with view to be replicated at national and transnational level. The project will have synergy positive effect on local population and rural land: it will bring positive changes in awareness rising and knowledge of people in the area of climate issues, climate adaptation and mitigation measures, it will bring higher biodiversity to the area, higher climate resilience, will improve quality of agricultural land in the area, will bring self-sufficiency of the area (independence from external energy sources, external water sources, etc.) and it will present fully replicable example for anyone who is interested.
Results Creation of the strategy for adaptation measures
Implementation of the proposed adaptation measures by practical workshops
Networking of the institutions and persons involved in sucessful implementation of proposed adapation measures
Awareness rising actions for the stakeholders and target groups
Cost Estimated budget: 3,5 MIL EUR
Duration 36 months
Partners involved searching for partners
Partners requested Searching for 2-3 Partners, who are involved in the similar activities so that the project could be both side benefitial. Even if the project is strongly informative and disseminative, the project actions should be focused on "learning by doing" activities - various practical workshops leading to meet the project objectives, thus partners focused on practical implementation of project activities would be welcomed.
Innovation The project develops innovative and creative ideas which make it easier and more interesting for people in the region to learn through "learning -by- doing process" how to live more sustainably, thus more climate-friendly.
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