Project name BE CrEatiVe for Cultural sites in Central Europe
Objective Objective 3.2
Priority Natural and cultural resources
Aim The project through the transnational cooperation will contribute to improve capacities of the public and private sector dealing with the protection and sustainable use of cultural heritage and resources by supporting integrated approaches. This will allow for coordinating the preservation and management of cultural and historical heritage and resources with sustainable growth. The development and implementation of strategies and policies for valorizing cultural heritage and exploiting potentials of cultural and creative industries will trigger economic opportunities and employment at regional level.
Results The project aims at improving capacities for the sustainable use of cultural heritage and resources through the application of innovative technologies for the digitalization and virtual reproduction of masterpieces and management models. The objective is to foster the cooperation between the creative enterprises especiaslly in the filed of visual, and ICT tools to stimulate new experience paths of cultural sites and to facilitate the implementation of innovative pilot actions in the identified sites that can allow the development of a model that can be applied to and used by other sites.
Cost To be diefined
Duration 24 months
Partners involved Unioncamere del Veneto LP Italy
CoopCulture Italy
Chamber of Commerce of Pecs Hungary
Institute for Archaeology and Heritage Assis Slovenia

Partners requested Partners mainly from Germany, Poland , Czecjk Republic that have experience in creative and cultural industries, valorization of cultural sites and/or application of new tecnologiers in the cultural sector
Innovation The project focuses on the synergies between creative industries and cultural sites, application of new technoligies for their valorization a
Follow up of The project finds its back ground in the partecipation of Unioncamere del Veneto as partner in projects like CMC - Clustermeet Culture and Cultema, furthermore Unioncamere was coordinator of Tech-Tour that faced partially the topic of ICT technologies applied to tourism/cultural itineraries.
Follow up fundings