Objective Objective 1.2
Priority Innovation and knowledge development
Aim The project aims to develop and test novel approaches based on social innovation to integrate young refugees in rural areas affected by demographic change. Incoming refugees, many aged 25 and younger, represent not only challenges but also enormous opportunities for regions that had suffered from brain-drain in the past, having let to an aging society. Properly integrated refugees might be able to contribute to an economic revitalization of these areas when they fill vacancies in schooling, housing, local associations, including football teams and voluntary fire brigades, and eventually the labour market. Given their previous background, research furthermore suggests that most refugees bring along considerable entrepreneurial skills which they might capitalize if given the opportunity to start their own businesses.
Whereas refugees arriving to major cities can usually rely on reliable networks created by earlier refugee generations, support structures in rural areas are lacking. Yet, approaches based on social innovation might help to replicate similar support networks facilitating labour market integration and entrepreneurship. ARRIVAL REGIONS aims to develop and test such approaches to give local public authorities and other actors concerned with economic promotion the necessary tool-sets to benefit from swelling inward migration.
Results The main result of ARRIVAL REGIONS will be a tool-box to be applied by local public authorities and other actors concerned with the promotion of employment and economic development to unleash the resources brought by refugees to areas affected by demographic change. In addition, conducted trainings will lead to an increase of capacities among both local stakeholders and refugees considering starting their own businesses.
Cost € 3.000.000
Duration July 2018 – June 2021
Partners involved Leibniz Institute for Regional Geography (DE)
Partners requested Local and regional public authorities from all countries
Innovation The dramatic increase of migration from war zones in Syria, Ukraine and others to Central Europe requires innovative tools to manage integration into the labour market, the local economy and society as a whole. ARRIVAL REGIONS will elaborate novel approaches based on social innovation and pilot them in rural areas that had previously been affected by demographic change and a resulting brain-drain. Those include new concepts such as peer trainings conducted for refugees and from refugees for public authorities.
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