Project name 4 STEPS – Towards the application of Industry 4.0 in SMEs
Objective Objective 1.1
Priority Innovation and knowledge development
Aim The project 4STEPS main objective is to support the application of the Industry 4.0 principles to the SMEs of the central Europe Area in order to improve their level on innovation application and create links at international level supporting the 4.0 issues to be applied at EU level by defining, supporting and implementing pilot tools and processes useful to guide them towards this perspective
The specific objectives will be the following:
1. To evaluate the needs of the SMEs world of the S3 specialisation sectors of the involved regions with the application of a check-up instrument aiming at the identification of the needs and identifying the topics linking the SMEs and the Industry 4.0 principles;
2. To provide support towards the SMEs thanks to the development of a set of different tools implemented by the partners, with the aim to create also Digital Innovation Hub;
3. To create a Technology Maturity Level of the involved companies programs parameterizing the process with indexes of technological growth useful in objectifying transformations and changes;
4. To develop hubs supporting the application of Industry 4.0 into the companies, ensuring a long lasting effects of the project and considering the results of previous projects (at regional, national and EU level) capitalising the developed tools.
Results The main project results will be the following:
1. To develop an interface between the needs of the SMEs and the 4.0 EU plans, with the development of a catalogue developing the analysis of the position of the companies (50 companies will be analysed per region, the sector will be defined) towards the 9 pillars of Industry 4.0. The companies will be clustered according to their specific needs and the cluster will be developed also at transnational level.
2. The implementation of pilot actions in each involved regions for the application and testing of the catalogue with different set of tools (seminars, matching, training, coaching, networking) to be implemented both at regional level and also at transnational level (2 events) via web in the following proposed topics: innovation and opportunities of the 4.0 national/regional plans: organisation an d management innovation, scouting of funding opportunities; innovative credit systems; internationalisation, environment (green economy and circular economy), matching of new jobs opportunities.
3. The development of a new Manual of Technology Maturity level of the SMEs.
4. Creation of Innovation hub in the involved regions with the task of the support of the pilot implementation and ensuring the sustainability of the intervention.
Cost 4.5m EUR
Duration 36 months
Partners involved LP: CNA Emilia Romagna
Partners requested Partners from CE countries such BROs, Chambers of Commerce, Regional Development Agencies, Regional Innovation Centres.
Innovation The EU supports industrial change through its industrial policy and through research and infrastructure funding. Member States are also sponsoring national initiatives such as Industrie 4.0 in Germany, the Factory of the Future in Italy. However challenges remain. The need for investment, changing business models, data issues, legal questions of liability and intellectual property, standards, and skills mismatches are among the challenges that must be met if benefits are to be gained from new manufacturing and industrial technologies. If these obstacles can be overcome, Industry 4.0 may help to reverse the past decline in industrialisation and increase total value added from manufacturing to a targeted 20% of all value added by 2020.
However, the lack of concrete intervention and regional level and the links with the real SMEs needs is lagging behind some regions, in particular in some regions. In some regions SMEs (and the manufacturing sector in particular) are lacking the support for the application of Industry 4.0 opportunities of innovation and the creation of the Innovation hub will fill the gap also within the transnational dimension of the potential collaboration, identifying transnational strategies. The creation of linkages at regional and transnational level will support the development of this topic and the 4 STEPS project is going towards this main innovative objective.
Follow up of The project is not a specific follow up of previous project, however it will capitalise the results of the implemented projects by the LP CNA Emilia Romagna in the previous programming period (I3SME, C-PLUS, Cloud)
Follow up fundings