Your best commuting moment

photo competition started on 2 July 2018

The SubNodes partners are currently working on the question on which conditions people would make more use of public transport for their daily way to work. Aspects such as a coordination of the various modes of transport, through ticketing, real-time information and much more are included in the considerations. Undeniably, there is still much to do here. But it is all the more exciting to see what beautiful moments commuting in public transport holds. What makes this daily kind of "being on the way" pleasant? Why is it better to go by bus, train or bicycle than by car?

In order to directly involve the addressed target group, i.e. everyday commuters, SubNodes has started a photo competition. Commuters are invited to upload photos of their best moments of their commuter life. The competition is running for four weeks starting on 2 July 2018. The voting takes place publicly via the SubNodes Facebook fanpage.

Commuters from all partner regions are invited to take part. Attractive prizes are waiting. 

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