Past news:

05.12.2020 Meeting with the representatives of the Szczecin and Swinoujscie Seaports Authority SA
05.12.2020 The 6th Baltic-Adriatic Transport Corridor Forum 
26.11.2019 Transport development strategy for the Śląskie Voivodeship
06.11.2019 TRANS TRITIA at the Palais des Nations in Geneva, Switzerland
28.10.2019 European Prime Ministers' Appeal for a mobility package
24.10.2019 4th Steering Committee Meeting in Cieszyn
10.10.2019 Transport of the Future - Report on prospects of the development of road transport in Poland 2020-2030
02.10.2019 The European Road Transport System's Two Possible Futures
17-19.09.2019 The Conference "Plavební Dny 2019" (Sailing Days 2019)
18.09.2019 The II Congress of Inland Navigation
30.07.2019 3rd Steering Committee Meeting
08.07.2019 Side visit and strategic Workshop at Silesian Logistics Centre
06-07.2019 Meetings with regional decision-makers
25.06.2019 Stakeholders Meeting of WPT2, Ostrava
06.06.2019 Coordination meeting #4 and side visit in Terminal Intermodalnej Prepravy in Żilina
16.05.2019 Workshop "Rail at Tritia area - Present and future"
29.05.2019 5th Oder Forum - Bohumin, Czech Republic
15.05.2019 Workshop - "Strategic projects supporting development of multimodal freight transport on Tritia area"
01.04.2019 Inland Waterways for 21st century
25.03.2019 Partners Meeting - WPT 2 - Multimodal transport across Tritia Area
31.01.2019 Strategic Workshop: Definition of objectives of Tritia territory in terms of freight transport
30.01.2019 Steering Committee Meeting No.2 - Business and Education Center "New Gliwice"
07.11.2018 Trans-Borders Midterm Conference, Bautzen, Germany
01.11.2018 Research, Development and innovation in transport RDIT 2018
22.10.2018 The 3rd Coordination Meeting in Cieszyn
19.09.2018 Trans Trita Representatives at 1st Inland Navigation Convention in Opole
09.08.2018 The 2nd Coordination Meeting, Žilina
20.04.2018 Workshop „TRITIA Inland Waterway – Present and Future“
17.04.2018 The 1st Coordination Meeting, Szczyrk
26.01.2018 Presentation in Prerov