Humanitarian corridors meet Public CAS

P5: Mountain Union of Mongia e Cevetta Valley Langa Cebana Alta Valle Bormida (IT)

The pilot action is addressed to create a direct link between Humanitarian Corridors and our public Special Assistance Centre (CAS). This process will let foreigners to have a stronger connection with the labour market: the involved "arrivals" have a direct legal access in the Italian territory, they can easily proceed with asylum application according to the Humanitarian Corridors reference. Furthermore it will be possible to welcome refugees whose background is (partially) known, that are arrived in a legal way and that will have most chance to get residence permit.


The effectiveness of Humanitarian Corridors is widely proven, but they are still limited in a precise environment. On the other side, even if the efficiency of the public CAS in rural areas has been proven to be better than those of the private ones. However, in Italy there has been only one link between Public CAS and corridors so far. The interested areas gather several public CAS that will surely benefit from the direct connection with Humanitarian Corridors and thus will bring a positive effect to the whole territory.

In order to replicate this experience in other areas and to increase the number of public CAS in rural Italy, we want to test this idea in our municipality, so that it can serve as a reference for the rest of rural municipalities in the future.


The proposed pilot action underline three main elements according to the social innovation approach:

1) Private - public partnership and networking among different institutions: religious bodies, public institution, firms and NGO will cooperate for the realization and replication of this activity nowadays and in the future

2) The sustainability and replicability of the idea

3) The creation of new added value driven by a social and economic positive impact in the involved territories