Development and testing of logistics concepts for new intermodal services – OEM freight liner train

Background of the pilot action

Intermodal transport chains, which are much more environmentally friendly compared to road transport, are much underdeveloped along  the Orient/East-Med TEN-T corridor. Moreover, the availability of intermodal transport equipment shall be increased by the establishment of  new intermodal transport chains. All together the awareness of Central  and South-Eastern European member states regarding intermodality shall be raised, followed by political commitments with dedicated  actions in their future transport policy.

Description of the pilot action

The pilot action is based in the first run on a comprehensive desk research identifying potential and high capacity source regions for successful new intermodal transport chains. Afterwards discussions with potential users and relevant market players from the operational and organisational sector will follow. A basic structure of the logistics product with information about prices and lead times will be finetuned step by step with all involved stakeholders.

Expected Results

  • Market analysis
  • Description of a transport and logistics concept 
  • Product information sheet

Work package

Multimodal freight transport pilot actions complementing OEM corridor development


Investigating the feasibility of new and innovative intermodal services

Pilot region

Germany, Hungary, Turkey, Scandinavia


Rostock Port GmbH

Pilot budget

168.120,00 EUR

Period of implementation

07/2019 - 06/2021

Further Information

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