MaGICLandscapes at World Metropolitan Day

A Network of natural systems to protect biodiversity and guarantee a future of the human species

Managing and connecting parks, protected areas and habitats through rivers, forests and agricultural areas to create real networks of natural structures linked together to increase their resilience; this is one of the Millennium Development Goals defined by the UN almost 20 years ago and recently taken up by the Bologna Charter for the Environment, to guarantee a future for the earth and therefore for mankind. To enhance the territory’s commitment to these issues, the Metropolitan City of Turin has joined the World Metropolitan Day promoted by Metropolis, a global network of metropolitan areas. 

Local administrators, managers of parks and protected areas, officials and managers of local authorities, associations, university professors and professionals will compare experiences and projects to manage and defend the natural heritage present in our Alpine valleys and hilly areas, in order to extend it into more urbanized lowland areas and connecting it to strengthen its resistance to climate change, increasing biodiversity and ecosystem services which are essential to the survival of the human species.