Towards integrated environmental land management in Central Europe

MaGICLandscapes project presentation at LUMAT Project Final Conference

Modern cities, especially in Central Europe, face many challenges such as urban sprawl, soil sealing, brownfields or the necessity of protection of natural  spontaneous species occurring on degraded areas. Additionally the cities’  administration borders do not reflect physical, social, environmental or cultural links in cities. Therefore functional urban areas (FUA) are created which constitute spatially continuous settlement systems made up of separate administrative units, containing urban compact area with surroundings functionally connected with the urban core.

The final conference of LUMAT will focus on presenting and assessment of the project results. It will be also an opportunity for discussion on the present issues in land management with looking at the land as an environmental resource. On the conference MaGICLandscapes as further Central Europe project envisaging opportunities to enhance the green infrastructure resource in urban and rural areas is giving a presentation on the outputs so far. Thank you for invitation!

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