Limited activities during COVID in Hungary

Because of the Covid situation, there were not many interesting activities since November in our region. We have a few meetings with the target groups. Two products have been developed:

  • After accomplishing the trainings in the frame of the Mac Village project, the team of the villages of Bakonya-Cserkút-Kővágótöttös-Kővágószőlős decided to assess the opportunities of linking these four villages and during a one day spontaneously organized excursion they rediscovered the forgotten Mary's pilgrimage. Let the pictures talk about the atmosphere of the excursion.
  • The participants of the training accomplished by Abaliget-Husztót-Kovácsszénája and Orfű found the traces of a very exciting story which prove the existence of an ancient being. According to some sources and theories / unproven so far/ these traces remind us of an enormous ancient reptile. The evidence shown in these pictures are being examined involving the researchers of the university.

On 29th September DDTG Nonprofit Ltd. implemented the second, development workshop in Bácsalmás. 24 participants worked together in small groups on innovative product and service ideas, including local producers and creative professionals from regional and supraregional level.