Landkreis Zwickau

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The district of Zwickau is the smallest district of Saxony but with 350.000 inhabitants it has the highest density of population in East Germany. The region calls itself “engine of Saxon economy“  which is no overstatement: over the last century, the district has been a hot spot of manufacturing and industry in Germany. The branches with a strong tradition and major economic impact until today are automotive, engineering and textile. However, no metropolitan area developed but an extensive and dense net of so called industrial villages and towns. Industry will keep playing a key role also in the district’s future. Due to the sudden political and economic shift caused by the reunification the region was forced to develop competences in dealing with industrial transformation and heritage earlier and more abrupt than many other regions in Germany. The topic has been on the agenda over the last 25 years now.

It is no wonder that InduCult2.0 is not the first Central Europe project the district initiated and which is dealing with industrial culture. Apart from the role as InduCult2.0 Lead Partner, the district engages thematically in all work packages. It intends to establish the topic of industrial culture as a main headline of regional self-understanding and outside attractiveness, also with a view of securing its economic competitiveness.

More information about InduCult2.0 and the district of Zwickau in German language are available here :