The County association of Local action groups (LAGs) of Karlovy Vary Region 

The County association of Local action groups (LAGs) of Karlovy Vary Region (KSMASKK)  covers the Karlovy Vary district and part of the Ústí nad Labem district with a population of ca. 350.000. It consists of three local action groups (LAGs): Sokolovsko, LAG Vladař and LAG 21. The area is known as industrial and spa region in the western periphery of the Czech Republic. Industry has played a significant role since the 19th century onwards,  until today (porcelain, musical instruments, timber, glass, chemical, energy, engineering and mining). In the 90’s, major traditional industries lost their market position or disappeared completely and many inhabitants became unemployed. KSMASKK is a main actor for regional development with a focus on promoting the region and increasing its tourism.  Additionally, the institution is actively engaged projects concerning the creation of sustainable rural life. KSMASKK also initiates educational activities for all generation. As umbrella institution it coordinates its founding LAGs and manages activities that are beyond the scope of its individual members. KSMASKK exists since 2006 on a voluntary level; in 2014 it was transformed to an organization with legal status.

KSMASKK itself belongs to the national LAG network that also welcomes InduCult2.0 and is able to spread outcomes to the whole of the Czech Republic. KSMASKK can draw on the international project experiences of its members (SHIFT-X, ReSource etc.).

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