Our last photos and videos from Novohradske hory shows us, that the three kittens of Jiskra born in spring 2016 successfully made it till independence! They are not juveniles any more, following their mum everywhere she goes, but subadults moving on their own and maybe already dispersing to new areas. What is so special about that? Well, lynx mothers usually lose one or more of their kittens during their first, most vulnerable, year of life.  An average litter size of lynx, according to our data from this area, is 2-2.4. But 40% of kittens die before they reach one year of age. Therefore, Jiskra is very good, unusually successful mother! Taking into account she is a young female, born in 2014, and this was her first attempt at motherhood, she did a wonderful job. Check it yourself – see how the time went with Blesk, Boure and Svit in Novohradske hory area.


Svit was doing fine in the winter, and so were her two siblings on this video
Svit, a female, remained in the area of Novohradske hory/Freiwald, unlike Blesk, who has left and is in a search of new territory. Boure is probably doing the same. Anyway, all have survived the first year of their life and look like they can manage on th
We first camera-trapped Jiskra's family in August 2016. On this photo the kittens are roughly 3 months old. We though she had 2 kittens...
Svit (on the right), Blesk is on the left
Bouře and Blesk