Who can be a project partner?


The following institutions can participate in projects:

  • National, regional and local public bodies (including EGTCs)
  • Private institutions, including private companies, having legal personality;
  • International organisations acting under the national law of any Member State participating in the programme or, with restrictions, under international law 

In the fourth call, the same institution or body shall not be involved in more than one proposal within the same topic. If this call-specific requirement is not fulfilled, the affected institution or body will be excluded from all proposals in which it is involved in the concerned topic.

Please note: One and the same institution could nevertheless be involved in more proposals in the fourth call as long as the proposals belong to different topics. This could be the case, for example, for larger organisations with many departments working in different thematic areas.

The involvement of competent institutions and bodies located in regions that did not yet participate in Interreg CENTRAL EUROPE projects is encouraged.