Can partners outside the programme area but within the EU participate in a project?


In exceptional and duly justified cases also organisations from outside the programme area (but inside the European Union) can become project partners and receive co-financing.

Their participation needs to bring clear added value and expertise to the implementation of a project and has to benefit the programme area. The ERDF allocated to a single project for such partners together with the ERDF spent outside the programme area cannot exceed 20 % of the total ERDF contribution to this project. Partners from non-EU countries can participate in a project but will not receive any ERDF funds from the programme. They could act as associated partners.

Please note: If a project proposal is selected for funding and, during the contracting phase, a partner leaves the partnership and, as a consequence of this, it does not meet the minimum requirements for partnership, the leaving partner has to be substituted with another suitable institution or body. If the partnership fails in substituting the leaving partner with a suitable one, the entire proposal becomes ineligible and cannot be funded even if it was selected.