Will preparation costs be reimbursed?


Approved projects which signed the subsidy contract with the managing authority can receive a lump-sum reimbursement of their preparation and contracting costs according to the following principles:

  • The lump sum amounts to EUR 15.000 of total eligible expenditure per project
  • The lump sum covers all costs linked to the preparation and/or contracting of the project until the day on which the final application form fulfilling all conditions for approval set by the programme have been finally accepted by the managing authority.

The ERDF contribution effectively granted to the project will be linked to the actual co-financing rate applicable to the partner(s) to whom the lump sum is allocated (in accordance to the approved application form).

Please note: In order to apply for the reimbursement of preparation costs, the preparation costs budget must be indicated in the application form, giving information on the amount allocated to the project partner(s).