How are applications assessed?


After submission, the formal and administrative requirements are checked, part of them automatically by the online submission system. These are:

  • Submission of the proposal before the deadline set in the call announcement
  • Submission of the application form completed in all its parts and in English language
  • Respect of the minimum partnership requirements (i.e. at least three financing partners from at least three countries, being at least two of the partners located in CENTRAL EUROPE regions)
  • Respect of the lead applicant requirements (i.e. lead applicants cannot be located in regions outside the programme area, with the exception of assimilated partners, international organisations acting under international law cannot be lead applicants)
  • Submission of the lead applicant declaration signed and filled in in the template provided by the programme without any modification
  • In case of private lead applicant, availability of all other supporting documents

In case of private lead applicants, their financial capacity is checked by the programme. In case the private lead applicant does not meet the necessary financial capacity criteria the proposal will be regarded as non-eligible. Proposals failing in any of the above requirements will be regarded as non-eligible and will not be further processed. 

Proposals successfully passing the formal and administrative checks as well as, where applicable, the financial capacity check, are further processed with a legal status check, an analysis of state aid relevance and the quality assessment as described in the application manual.