How is the third call organised?


The third call for proposals is organised in a one-step procedure. Proposals have to be submitted via a web-based tool, the electronic monitoring system (eMS). The third call for proposals is open to all programme priorities. In some areas it will be exclusively focused on pre-defined topics.

Download here the table with details on the call focus

Thematic focus of third call

Fully open specific objectives, encouraging transnational project ideas to improve:

SO 2.2 - Low-carbon energy planning strategies and policies supporting climate change mitigation

SO 3.1 - Capacities for the protection and sustainable use of natural heritage and resources

SO 3.3 - Environmental management of functional urban areas
SO 4.1 - Planning and coordination of regional passenger transport systems for better connections to existing networks

SO 4.2 – Coordination among freight transport stakeholders for multimodal environmentally-friendly solutions

Targeted specific objectives, looking for transnational project ideas to improve:
SO 1.1 - Sustainable linkages among actors of the innovation systems

Proposals shall exclusively target: Bottom-up implementation of smart specialisation strategies; triple and quadruple helix approaches which strengthen the participation of public and civil society; innovative practices such as co-creation approaches and actions that bring innovation closer to the market

SO 1.2 - Skills and entrepreneurial competences for advancing economic & social innovation
Proposals shall exclusively target: Social innovation and the integration of disadvantaged groups and regions through strengthening support infrastructures, services and schemes; development of entrepreneurial competences to strengthen social innovation

 SO 2.1 - Energy efficiency and renewable energy usage in public infrastructures
Proposals shall exclusively target: Energy efficiency of public infrastructure other than public buildings and streetlights (e.g. transport, water, waste or ICT infrastructure) including their financing aspects and integration of renewable energy sources

SO 3.2 - Capacities for the sustainable use of cultural heritage and resources
Proposals shall exclusively target: Cultural and creative industries (CCI) such as CCI entrepreneurship, CCI policies, cross-sectoral cooperation and linkages of CCI to other sectors and innovative technologies

Closed specific objective, in which no projects proposals will be selected for funding in the third call:
SO 2.3 - Improving capacities for mobility planning in functional urban areas to lower CO2 emissions

Remains closed because topics are already sufficiently covered by running projects.