What is to be understood by exploitation of outputs and results?


“Exploitation” is any action that makes use of promising outputs and results already achieved by funded projects in the concerned central European regions, thus increasing their impacts for the benefit of those same regions and/or other regions of the programme area. Exploitation goes beyond the mere duplication of existing outputs and results. Project outputs and results shall be tailored to the needs of the regions and target groups that will make further use of it.

Projects funded within the fourth call shall exploit transnational outputs and results by following two different approaches:

  • Upstream of results: existing outputs and results are taken up and tailored in a way that they can be concretely integrated into relevant territorial or thematic policies and strategies. This should happen at the most appropriate level, i.e. European, national, regional or local. 
  • Downstream of results: existing outputs and results are tailored in a way that they can be further rolled-out at the regional and/or local level (e.g. to local authorities, SMEs, …) or even going beyond the regions or sectors initially addressed. This will give regions an easier access to transnational outputs and results. 

The above two approaches are complementary, a combination of these in one single project of the fourth call is possible.