Compulsory consultations


Lead applicants have to book compulsory consultations between 8 April and 28 June 2019. The main aim of these consultations is to advise lead applicants on the relevance of their project ideas and to clarify technical questions on content, communication and finances.

Compulsory consultations can be held on the phone, online or in person by the programme Joint Secretariat in Vienna. They will last a maximum of one hour and it is recommended to book a consultation only when a project idea is developed in some detail. Not more than one individual consultation will be offered to the same project proposal.

Compulsory consultations will cover content issues as well as finances and communication. Consultation slots have to be requested via email through the Helpdesk, which can be reached at helpdesk(at)interreg-central.eu. For questions of a more general nature the permanent helpdesk can be addressed any time.

Requests for a compulsory consultation from a lead applicant must be accompanied by a preliminary concept already. Otherwise a slot cannot be booked. This concept must be based on the project idea form, which is available in the Interreg CENTRAL EUROPE Community (see above). Please note that consultations will not be based on the application form as such and cannot be regarded as a pre-assessment.

After a compulsory consultation, the programme will issue to the lead applicant an e-mail confirming that the individual consultation took place.

IMPORTANT: Project proposals submitted without participating in the compulsory consultation will become ineligible and will not be further processed.