Prepare yourself to present
your project outputs and results

We believe that #cooperationiscentral to let your transnational Interreg outputs and results grow into something bigger!

In our crossfertilisation and project idea development event in Vienna, you are expected to present your project success story. This will help other participants to find out what you have achieved through cooperation and how your outputs and result could be taken forward in the fourth call for proposals. More information about the call is available at










Bring a poster 

We expect you to bring a poster to present your 2-3 most promising project outputs and results in a poster exhibition. 

The poster exhibition area will be open throughout the event. You can use it to showcase your most promising outputs and results. Or to present initial project ideas for the fourth call. 

We do not want to limit your creativity and leave the poster format widely open. The minimum size should be A3 though. You could bring a classic project poster full of information and pictures. Or you draw your project outputs, results and ideas by hand on a flip chart. Just make sure that you mention the name of your project and a contact person so that other participants can get in touch. We will have boards on which you can then pin your posters.  

There will be space for one poster per project only. It might be a good idea to bring a copy of the poster though.
So if there is more of you from the same partnership, please coordinate who will create and bring the poster.

Prepare your pitch

We expect you to prepare a 5-minute pitch about your main project achievements.

This will give other participants an idea of what you have achieved through cooperation. There can be one pitch per project only. So if there is more of you from the same partnership, please coordinate among yourselves who will pitch. 

Pitches will be limited to 5 minutes. No slides are allowed but you can bring a copy of your poster to support your pitch. Or use a flip chart on the spot. After your pitch, the audience will get a chance to ask questions. So try to raise their interest in what you have done. This is your chance to find new partners for taking your outputs and results forward.

So what will make the difference between a pitch that is just okay and one that is excellent?
If you follow the tips below you will have a good chance of making a great pitch. 

In your poster and pitch, try to...

✔ be jargon free

to be understood


TO exploit YOUR Achievements

✔ Keep it simple and Focus

on relevant outputs and results

✔ Say What could be done

to capitalise on your achievements

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