EU Regions Week 2020:
Apply now and become part of it

The European Week of Regions and Cities is a perfect opportunity for you and your partners
to show how your project has helped central European regions and cities become better places.

 The annual event will take place from 12-15 October in Brussels. It is organised by the European Commission
and the Committee of Regions and brings together around 8 000 regional policy stakeholders from across Europe.

Hosting a session at EU Regions Week

The call for partners for the 18th European Week of Regions and Cities has been closed on 17 April.

More than 600 applications were received: a new record!

The results of the evaluation process and the final list of partners will be available on 19 May.

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Apply for the REGIOSTARS Awards

For regional policy, the REGIOSTARS Awards are what the Golden Globes and Oscars are for the film industry. 
They are the greatest possible recognition for achievements and impacts of EU-funded projects!

We absolutely encourage you to take part in this award and share your project story with a Europe-wide audience. Prepare to become famous! 
However, if you plan to enter the competition, you should first get in touch with us. All applicants need an endorsememt and our 
programme can only to support up to 5 projects. We will take a decision on which project(s) to support by 30 April.

A "Guide for applicants" provides further details on how to apply after our endorsement. 

Basically, projects can apply if they work on one of the following topics: 
Industrial Transition for a smart Europe | Circular Economy for a Green Europe |Skills & education for a digital Europe 
Citizens engagement for cohesive European Cities | Youth empowerment for cooperation across borders (30 years of Interreg)

Get our endorsement before Thursday, 30 April and submit your application before Saturday, 9 May
For the endorsement, please get in touch soon with us at info(at)

Express your interest and get our endorsement

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Interreg project slam

The Interreg project slam has become a staple of EU Regions Week, and in 2020 it is going to be even bigger and better. Marking 30 years of Interreg, the project slam will celebrate cooperation by showing the best cooperation stories. Take a look at the project slam 2019 in the video below.

 We supported our projects in applying this year too!

 Fingers crossed! We are looking forward to become a part of this EU Regions Week highlight!

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EU Regions Week: TOPICS 2020

Green europe

empowering citizens

cohesion and cooperation

30 years of Interreg

EU Regions Week in numbers




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