Looking back at the
Communication Seminar 2019

Communication is central to making transnational cooperation projects a success. The strategic changes aimed for by our projects can only be achieved by an informed and motivated partnership that involves external partners and that communicates with one voice to ensure the sustainability and transfer of results.

But how to achieve this? 

Why is simple dissemination of outputs and results not enough any more? What does it mean to understand communication also as a story-based dialogue on various channels and in events? And how do I actually find and create the stories that I need for my project communication?



These questions and many more were discussed with more than 90 project communicators in Budapest on 9 and 10 September 2019. Below you will find the documentation of the seminar which aimed to inspire story-based communication of interesting activities and results of our currently funded projects.

We hope the seminar was helpful and look forward to great stories of why #cooperationiscentral for stronger cities and regions at the heart of Europe

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