e-Nova Conference under the motto “Active and digital solution for elderly people”

Pinkafeld, 26. November 2018

The University of Applied Sciences Burgenland organized the e-nova conference on 23. November 2018, at the international conference participated about 200 participants from six nations. The projects “digitalLIFE4CE” and “COOP4HEALTHCARE” took the opportunity to organize an individual session for the topic “Active Assisted Living solutions based on human factor”. The session consisted of three comprehensive presentations:

  • A spotlight on health: technical solutions and assistive services to promote an independent and autonomous life (Daniela Krainer, FH Kärnten)
  • Needs Assessment for Active Assisted Living-concepts among the elderly (Alexandra Weghofer, Michael Mut, FH Burgenland)
  • Joint development & pre-testing of AAL solutions for elderly (Àkos Eder, Pannon Business Network)

The presentations offered a wide spectrum of experiences and offered plentiful and innovative proposals for the future. 


by Alexandra Weghofer