Re-connecting central europe


More than 300 cross-border rail links in Europe are under-exploited making traveling by train in Europe's cross-border regions almost impossible. Our CONNECT2CE project is working on reducing this number. Just recently a new regular rail service connecting Trieste with Villach was introduced making the traveling in central Europe again little bit easier. Passengers can now enjoy the train journey all the way to the seaside. With future plans to continue even further to Croatia re-connecting the central Europe is literary on the right track.

Look at the timetable and plan your journey through the central Europe.


RESTAURA Dwor Mazowiecki

The attribute "new" in the name of a city often indicates that the place is very old. Nowy Dwór Mazowiecki is an  European historical city unfortunately encircled by communism block apartments. Beautifully settled around the three rivers and well-connected to the Poland´s capital, the city can offer more to its residents. 

The city planners take further steps forward to make the city more attractive. This time by taking into account the citizen’s needs - like where to spent quality leisure time - what the forest of concrete could not offer so far. By building on the results of cooperation, the city initiates revitalisation projects respecting the natural, cultural, historical values and offering a modern way of life. A  project that looks even for efficient use of limited resources. 

Have a look at their plans for the city centre and waterfront that already conviced the important big investors. (VIDEO WILL BE ADDED)

Helping start-ups to get financed

© Kannabi

Kannabi is a Slovak start-up that offers a vegan milk alternative without additives, made primarily from canopy seeds, cashew nuts, vanilla, and coconut sugar. On top of great taste, Kannabi promises to boost your immune system, lower your cholesterol, as well as to beat those sugar cravings. With the support of our cooperation project CROWD-FUND-PORT, Kannabi ran a successful campaign on the crowdfunding platform HITHIT.

All in all, the project supports  entrepreneurs in seven central European countries and helps them taking advantage of the crowdfunding phenomena. 

Read the interview with Kannabi founder Marek Benda and find out how they prepared their crowdfunding campaign.

Starting small to grow big

© Sarbina Weyh

Unused industrial sites can offer exciting new  future places. Every bigger city has them and does not have to look at them as a burden. This was the case for Nuremberg in Bavaria. Thanks to our SECOND CHANCE project, finalised in 2013, an old AEG production hall has been turned into multifunctional space called “Werkstatt 141”. Nowadays the hall hosts concerts, exhibitions and workshops. But even more importantly the revitalised pilot became the forerunner of the big "Kulturwerkstatt auf AEG" project. An investment project run by the City of Nuremberg without our funds that transforms the site completely in the coming years. This small pilot grew into a real lighthouse project of urban redevelopment by building a new cultural identity.

reducing food waste

© Strefowa

Nearly 88 million tons of Europe’s food is wasted each year. We cannot sit back and act as it does not concern us. But you can only fight the enemy you know and more of us together the better.

In Warsaw, this joint effort already led to 45% increase of food donation and three times more stores giving the food to the food bank. Thanks to the car that can transport all food donations that need special cooling conditions can the food bank now help many more people who live on the edge of poverty in Warsaw and cannot afford to buy their food.

While food banks are becoming more and more part of our urban landscape, we should aim to fight this problem together. If you do not know where to start, the platform jointly developed by partners from our STREFOWA project, is a good starting point for everyone who wants to help reducing food waste.

little fairies in big central european cities


Do you sometimes wish for little fairies changing up poorly looking green areas around your city district? So did Dóra, too. She lives in Budapest and she wished for them every time she looked out of her apartment overlooking a neglected slope.

One day the fairies she imagined materialised, as the slope turned from a burden to a blessing. It looked just amazing with all the plants and flowers, even little signs displaying their names! Dora came to know her new neighbours, a married couple nurturing the green space. She found out about a community of committed and sensitive people that she now herself belongs to as well. They are call “stewards” and gather on the regular basis in the district administration office of Hegyvidek, Budapest. The municipality pilots this activity in the framework of the UGB project, taking the urban green belts forward. Growing communities turn neglected small green spaces into little blessings around the district. Maybe it is your turn next time?

In it together

© Province of Treviso

Use of seat belts in cars would have never took off so quickly unless people were convinced that it is for their own good. More than 80 percent of New Year’s resolutions fail within the first weeks. Why? Because behavioural change is hard. We first have to believe that it really matters and only then change will follow.

Having a role models to push us towards the change also helps because we are more likely to look up to someone whom we respect. Like in case of the Province of Treviso who has taken a leading role in promoting behavioural change for better energy efficiency. Thanks to knowledge shared with the experts in the TOGETHER project, in Treviso they understood that an isolated approach to energy improvement, focused only on technological issues, can bring results, but it is our own behaviour that is fundamental when it comes to realising the change.

By signing the manifesto in which energy efficiency comes first in public spending and not as an exception in the management of consumption reduction, the President of Treviso Province, Stefano Marcon, set out on the your journey, that hopefully many neighbouring provinces will follow.

Discover 10 good reasons for transnational cooperation in CENTRAL EUROPE

We develop new ideas by sharing experiences

Delivering resutls

We deliver territorial cohesion: Our  most important results are rooted in shared experiences. We develop new solutions and enhance capacities.


We help to make better use of Limited Resources

Limited resources

We enable our regions and cities to make better use of their limited resources.                                                     


We solve challenges
beyond borders

challenges across borders

We help regions and cities to jointly work on challenges that go beyond borders.                                                       


We help regions to offer better services for all

Improving services

We help public authorities to offer better services for citizens and companies.                     



We deliver attractive results
for cities

Attracting cities

Through working closely together, our projects deliver visible results for cities and regions across central Europe.


We trigger big investments
into our future

triggering investments

We are an innovative catalyst that triggers further public and private investment and accelerates urban and regional development.


We help improve policy making in regions and cities

creating change

We improve policy making and initiate
change in regions and cities. We therefore have a long-term impact.