The digitalLIFE4CE project is looking for novel solutions in the field of digital integrated healthcare systems. The fragmentation of the health care system as well as weak cooperation between relevant actors negatively affect regional authorities, care providers and citizens in many regions of central Europe. To answer these weaknesses, the project brings together policy makers, experts from research and development and actors relevant for implementation.

They will work on a new framework to provide policy stakeholders with: a global picture on available solutions and their implications; technology solution providers with options for joint cooperation; and beneficiaries with new applications and technologies. Additionally, the project will research and promote best practice cases in so called ‘Healthcare Excellence Spots’ and investigate ways to increase investment in digital health start-ups and to boost innovation in healthcare systems with a need for an integrated care coordination.


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7th Startup camp

Startup Camp Rijeka is a five-day long mentoring program designed to help develop start up proposals into viable businesses. Successful entrepreneurs and investors from Croatia and America mentor and help participants to develop their business ideas into actual businesses.

The camp gathers 30 young entrepreneurs that will, through a variety of different teambuilding exercises, lectures, workshops and individual coaching challenges, further hone their ideas and develop an actual product or business.

The Startup Camp Rijeka 2018 will take place at Step Ri Science and Technology Park of the University of Rijeka from Wednesday, September 12th, until Sunday, September 16th, 2018.

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The purpose of this workshop is to foster knowledge and experience exchange on how the European Structural and Investment Funds (ESI Funds) can support the uptake e-health tools and services using information and communication technologies (ICTs).

The following issues will be discussed:

  • The uptake of ehealth and digital health technologies and how they can contribute to improve the efficiency, resilience and sustainability of health systems
  • Challenges and barriers in the uptake of ehealth technologies, including the interoperability of cross-border e-health systems and the implementation of ICT healthcare systems that empower patients and support preventive, personalised, integrated and sustainable healthcare as envisioned in several EU policy documents, including the e-Health Action Plan 2012-2020
  • How can ESI Funds contribute to facing these challenges and how are they being used in the current programming period
Capacity Development and Further Improvement of New Functions of Electronic Health Cooperation Service Space (EESZT)
eHealth project partner in Budapest


The workshop will be carried out in collaboration with the Hungarian Ministry of Human Capacities and the National Healthcare Service Centre and will feature the ‘Capacity Development and Further Improvement of New Functions of Electronic Health Cooperation Service Space (EESZT)’ project.


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