Online Learning Hub for knowledge transfer

digitalLIFE4CE project prepare an online Learning Hub for knowledge transfer in the field of healthcare innovations

In order to test the learning hub, aka Moodle, The Autonomous Province of Trento (PAT) has prepared and sent a questionnaire to the partners to collect feedback and prepare report about testing and made improvements. Therefore after received feedback from partners, PAT will prepare a short description of the necessary improvements of the learning hub.

To test the learning hub the following methodology will be used:

  • First test loop includes testing of technical base and user manual: this already has been done by University of Applied Sciences Burgenland during the previous months.
  • Second test loop includes content part of learning hub. All project partners are going to review the content part and information that is available in the learning courses.
  • Third test loop includes usability. This means all parts of learning hub are going to be tested before the learning toolbox is opened for external participants. Third test users are not coming from project team, they are coming from “external environment” for example other colleagues or team members from other offices.

We are now proceeding with phase 2 of the test cycle of the learning hub.

During this phase each partner is responsible to test a course:

  • 1/Connected Health & Network Building : VFG
  • 2/Digitalisation for Healthcare Management : FHB
  • 3/Digitalisation for Health Promotion & Prevention : FBK
  • 4/Digital Assistance in Healthcare Delivery : TPLj
  • 5/Big Data & digital Health Trends : PBN
  • 6/Technical & Organisational Infrastructure for Integrated Healthcare : STEP RI
  • 7/Connected Health & Network Building : WPT
  • 8/Digitalisation for Health Promotion & Prevention : GFL
  • [WA1] 
  • Through the questionnaire, the partners have been asked questions about the content they would like to find and add on the learning hub:
    • themes and courses,
    • recommendations,
    • National regional examples,
    • publicization of events, conferences, workshops, other,
    • the improvements they would like to make,
    • which would be the interested people or institutions,
    • the use of the communication platforms such as (Moodle / Trello / Slack / Skype)

In accordance with the testers answers, we will try to improve our learning hub with content communication applications.

by Sara Testa