Brownfield regeneration strategy based on public participation principles

The Pilot area involves brownfields located in the City of Radom.

  • Characteristics of the area:
    The Pilot Area covers the area of the former Power Plant in Nowa Wola Gołębiowska, incorporated to the Municipal heating Company Radpec S.A., in the North of Radom. The area is located in the Northern part of the city, where local authorities are currently preparing a revitalization micro-programme.

  • Main issues/problems:
    The revitalization programme is related to the solution of social problems. There are 6 blocks of social housing put into use in 2004 and 2010 for 370 families. The buildings were largelydevastated. The residents complain about the safety, lack of an problems with access to the city center. There is socio-therapeutic center but only for children. Young people and adults have no recreation places, so they are at risk of social exclusion.
  • Needs and Goals:
    The main goal is to develop a regeneration strategy based on specific environmental analyses and research and with a clear focus on consultations with stakeholders for the full revitalization of the area and restoration of its social and economic functions. To achieve this goal, collection of documentation and analysis of existing data as well as development of a land regeneration plan are necessary.  

  • Pilot Action Activities:
    • Analysis on the existing data on the pilot brownfield area
    • Methodology for brownfields regeneration
    • Public Participation Guide and best practices
    • Report on economic potential and investment possibilities
    • Brownfield regeneration strategy based on results of analysis and consultation with
    • Pilot Action Report

  • Involvement of stakeholders
    Territorial stakeholders are involved in the delivery of the Pilot Action: landowners (Municipality of Radom and municipal heating company Radpec S.A.), residents of housing estates, including residents of social housing: entrepreneurs/employers, institutions and NGO which help residents (social welfare centre, labour office, local school, church parish, Caritas) .