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Shifting tourism demand beyond traditional centres and areas

The high influx of tourists causes overpopulation, congestion, and it also leads to inflationary prices of land and real estate, as well as goods. The overabundance of tourists makes it impossible for... Login to read more

Objective 3.2


The aim of OpenBioMaps (OBM) is to help researchers and conservation experts in data management, data exchange and sharing data. Provide sustainable
and flexible database background for research... Login to read more

Objective 3.1

RainBO (www.rainBolife.eu)

In the context of European initiatives to raise awareness and take actions to face climate change, The Life funded RainBO project (LIFE15CCA/IT/00035) is a project aiming to improve
knowledge, me... Login to read more

Objective 3.1

Excellence 4 Heritage (E4H) project: Excellence for built cultural heritage management across central Europe

Damaged and neglected historical buildings, not renovated for years, or abandoned, are a common feature of the whole of central Europe regions. In the view of this challenge, the E4H project starts fr... Login to read more

Objective 3.2

CROSS-BORDER NETWORKING OF UNITED Smart Biodiversity Cities and Towns

The project provides an opportunity to elevate the discussion about biodiversity on several fronts.
- Joint efforts on urban biodiversity ensure a greater resilience of the region,
- urban... Login to read more

Objective 3.1

LowCarb Mobility for Clean Air

Realising novel, scalable, unprecedented, experimental solutions in a 'downstream' fashion in urban and peripheral/transboundary regions through low carbon mobility solutions on two (or three) wheels.Login to read more

Objective 2.2