7. Selection of Proposals and Award Criteria 


Project proposals will be selected for funding following an assessment of received applications, which is based on a standardised procedure to safeguard the principles of transparency and equal treatment.

Project proposals which successfully pass a formal/administrative compliance check and, in case of private lead applicants, a lead applicant financial capacity check (see chapter II.4.2 of the programme manual), enter the quality assessment.

Award criteria applied in the quality assessment of proposals are grouped in two categories, strategic and operational, as presented in the following table:

Award Criteria Main Elements to be Assessed
Intervention logic and transnationality
Policy and territorial relevance including horizontal principles
Innovativeness and synergies
Partnership composition and relevance
Transnational cooperation approach
OPERATIONAL Implementation

Methodology and work plan

The quality assessment of the first call for proposals is conducted in two phases:


The relevance filter focuses on particular aspects of the strategic assessment criteria ‘relevance’ and ‘partnership’, i.e.:

  • Relevance of the intervention logic, notably its contribution to the Interreg CE Programme, and relevance of the proposed transnational cooperation approach;
  • Relevance of the partnership composition and its transnationality.

Proposals that lack sufficient quality when assessed against the above two criteria are not further assessed and rejected. The decision for passing project proposals to the full assessment or for their rejection is taken by the programme MC.

The full assessment of project proposals is performed against the full set of strategic and operational criteria as outlined in the table above. The detailed guiding questions against which project proposals are assessed can be found in the self-assessment tool available at xx.

Parallel to the quality assessment, the State aid analysis of proposals is conducted in order to identify the State aid relevance of project proposals as well as the concerned partners.

Project proposals will be selected by the programme MC at the level of each priority axis, on the basis of the results of the assessment.

Applicants will be notified about the outcome of the assessment process at two stages: after the relevance filter and after the full assessment of submitted proposals.

For further information on the assessment process, please refer to chapter II.4 of the programme manual