CENTRAL EUROPE, Baltic Sea Region: Joint Applicant Seminar 


23 February 2016, Katowice, Poland

Why should I participate in a transnational Interreg project and how does it work? This was the main question in focus of a joint applicant seminar of the Interreg Baltic Sea Region and CENTRAL EUROPE programmes hosted by the Polish Ministry of Infrastructure and Development in Katowice on 23 February 2016. The event attracted more than 250 interested participants, mostly from Poland.  

The sessions and workshops were targeted at newcomers as well as at those more experienced in transnational cooperation. Mr Adam Hamryszczak, Deputy Minister for Economic Development,  Ms Susanne Scherrer representing Interreg Baltic Sea Region and Mr Luca Ferrarese from Interreg CENTRAL EUROPE invited participants to make use of the opportunities both programmes are offering. Other sessions provided advice on how to develop a project idea, how to become a lead partner and there was enough time for networking.  

Selected quotes from the Seminar 

"You will be able to reach out to people, who will carry on and institutionalise your project results." Susanne Scherrer, Interreg Baltic Sea Region

"Result orientation is a must for all the projects and all the programmes." Luca Ferrarese, Interreg CENTRAL EUROPE 

"Interreg is not easy money. But it is worth it." Grzegorz Boroń, City of Bydgoszcz.  

"Smart specialisation will help to better focus innovative efforts in the region. We would like to see more regions involved in projects." Marta Slezak-Warszycka, Interreg Baltic Sea Region.  

"We can transform challenges into fascinating business opportunities for enterprises in our region." Beata Fabisiak, BaltSe@nioR project, Poznan University of Life Sciences. 

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Presentations: morning sessions and afternoon sessions