Interact: Interreg response to migration-related challenges


5 July 2016, Vienna, Austria

The technical meeting for Interreg programmes organised by the INTERACT was set to exchange experiences on the migration-related or other relevant thematic issues. The Conclusions of General Affair Council of 19 November 2015 states that “Interreg programmes, even though operating with a medium and long-term perspective, may support, where necessary and justified, and in complementarity with other appropriate funding streams, to help respond to migration related challenges within the framework of existing programme priorities and agreed intervention logic.”

The Interreg CENTRAL EUROPE also took part in these discussions and we have presented project Re-Turn as a good practice. The Re-Turn looked at the issue of returning migration and how regions of the central Europe benefited from that.

More information and all presentations can be found at http://www.interact-eu.net/#o=events/interreg-response-migration-related-challenges