When launching the first call for proposals, the Interreg CENTRAL EUROPE Programme founding document (IP) will not yet be approved by the European Commission. Due to this, applicants shall be aware of the following uncertainties and risks:

  • Contents of the programme might change following negotiations with the European Commission. This might lead to changes in the programme thematic contents, thus also affecting the relevance of project proposals submitted within the call.
  • The programme monitoring committee, i.e. the body responsible - among others - to approve the terms and conditions for ERDF support from the programme, as well as the criteria for the selection of project proposals published with the call, will be established and confirmed only after the approval of the programme by the European Commission. The monitoring committee, following its establishment, might potentially change such conditions for support and selection criteria.

The above considered, and even if the contents of the Interreg CENTRAL EUROPE Programme document as well as conditions for support and selection criteria were already approved by the Member States participating in the programme, by submitting a project proposal, applicants (lead applicants and all partners) shall bear and accept the above risks and relieve the programme from any losses incurred.