3. Budget of the Call


The programme will allocate around 72m EUR from the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) to the first call for proposals. An indicative ERDF allocation to the four programme priorities is presented in the table below. When selecting projects to be funded, such allocation may be adapted by the monitoring committee (MC) according to programme needs. 

Programme priority Indicative ERDF allocation
(m EUR)
1. Cooperating for a smarter central Europe 22
2. Cooperating for a greener central Europe 36
3. Cooperating for a better-connected central Europe 7
4. Improving governance for cooperation in central Europe 7
Total 72

 The ERDF co-financing rate is 80%. Beneficiaries shall ensure the needed co-financing.

The ERDF co-financing may be reduced in case of State aid relevance of project activities, in compliance with relevant rules on the matter.