1. Preamble


This document outlines the terms and conditions that apply specifically to the first call for proposals launched by the Interreg CENTRAL EUROPE (CE) Programme. More general information on rules and requirements to be observed when applying for Interreg CE funding can be found in the programme manual.This document forms an integral part of the application package and it complements information presented in the programme manual. The knowledge of both documents is essential for developing and submitting a project proposal.

This ToR is part of the “Application Package for the First Call for Proposals”, which is available at xxx. The application package consists of:

> Terms of Reference (ToR) for the call;
> Off-line template of application form, providing guidance on how to fill-in the application form in Jems;
> Lead partner declaration template;
> Project partner declaration template;
> Simplified financial statement (applicable only to private lead applicants);

Further information and guidance on the application process can be found in video tutorials and other support measures developed by the programme with the aim of supporting applicants in designing and submitting their project proposals (see also § 10 in this respect).