YouInHerit interview – Michał Weber

Michał Weber is a stakeholder, participant of the trainings implemented within project YouInHerit and a local expert whose materials were used in the preparation of the thematic exhibition.


How did you find out about the project?

I heard about the project from people who were presenting and promoting the project and shared information about it with me.

What was your role in the project?

I am a stakeholder. In addition, as a historian and director of the Pracownia Dokumentacji Dziejów Miasta Sierpc, I have a knowledge and access to rich collection of the materials on the history and tradition of brewing beer in local area. All this was very useful for conducting the lecture during trainings and for creating the exhibition.


What exactly was the exhibition about?

The exhibition consisted of 12 boards showing the rich history of brewing in Sierpc over the centuries, from the 15th century until today. Exhibition was a part of pilot action. 

How was it to be part of the project?

It was a great opportunity to broaden the knowledge of traditional brewing and to meet many interesting people.