YouInHerit interview - Bátor Nagy-Székely

7 February 2019

Let’s meet Bátor Nagy-Székely, participant of the YouInHerit Wine Tourism Assistant Training in Budafok, Hungary. In the interview he presents how he experienced the project YouInHerit. 

Bátor Nagy-Székely

You participated in the Wine Tourism Assistant Training at the Soós Istvan Wine Making Secondary School as part of the Interreg YouInHerit program. Where did you meet with the training?

I met the call on the internet, in a mailing list.  

Why did you decide to apply for the training?  

It seemed like a great opportunity to try something new that interested me for a long time, but I haven’t had the opportunity to get close to it. The application was really attractive, that I can learn about my passion on the weekends for free, and also it seemed feasible to do while I’m at the university on the weekdays. I was also interested in Budafok, which was a completely unknown part of the city for me.  

What kind of knowledge did the training give you, what was the best thing about it?

We could get an insight into the world of wine through vineyards, wine tasting, gastronomy, and discovering the local values of Budafok, as well as we could learn about event planning, tourism and hospitality. Perhaps the best thing was we got a new approach to this „wine world” thanks to the training and the teachers.

Bátor Nagy-Székely

What was it like to be a part of the project?

I really enjoyed the semester. The training was of high quality, and we got the meet a lot of great expertise among the performers. The curriculum was interesting, varied and interactive. Overall, it was a great experience. 

What is the impact of the training for your future? Did you got a chance to utilize it, or do you have any plans for your new knowledge?

I was able to find a job during the training at a smaller company dealing with wine sales and distribution. I would like to do this after I finish university, I feel good in this environment, I am really happy that things have developed like this for me.